СMK. History. 1932-1940

From 1932, we have been operating in the metallurgical and engineering industry for over 80 years. All these years we always strive to be the best.

The high production scores, researches and innovations, success and achievements are under our belt. All this is based on our staff, which is our major potential. That is why CMK is first of all the history of staff owing to which we may consider ourselves one of the top Russian suppliers to the high demanding industries.


1932 – commencement of the construction of Elektrovozstroy plant, CMK ancestor.

1936 – the construction of the plant was transferred to be managed by Glavaviaprom under the name of Aviation Plant No. 150.

In 1936 the Aviation Plant started the production of the training aircrafts in the areas of Wood Processing Workshop and Pilot Casting Workshop.

1938–1940 – serial production of adjustable pitch propellers. Establishment of Development Design Office under the management of K.I. Zhdanov, a prominent design engineer. The plant produced around 10,000 adjustable pitch propellers during this period.

December 1939 – the plant cast the first ingot of 500 kg in weight which was five times greater than the weight of the ingots cast by the industrial field that time. A team specialists developed the semi-continuous casting of the ingots for the first time that resulted in being honoured with an award winner title.