CMK has become an EPMA member

May 1, 2019


The European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) is formed by the world leading PM and allied manufacturers in order to promote powder metallurgy companies and the industry upon the whole. EPMA is the leader in this sphere and it offers a range of services and instruments to promote the industry development.

'Being an EPMA member gives us a number of substantial privileges.' said Deputy General Director – Technical Development Director Sergei Kononov. 'This can be regarded as a good investment into the company's future. The EPMA is good at solving technical issues of the industry alongside with ecological issues, labor safety and unfair competition.'

The Association offers a wide range of programs helping to promote and introduce PM technologies to the end-users. This allows for a quicker PM technology launch by expanding the existing initiatives and efforts and also provides a good opportunity to unfold powder technology to new applications within CMK.

Being a rightful EPMA member, we can now offer and deliver our own programs within the European community.

The Association holds regular conferences, seminars, exhibitions. It develops modern technologies, processes and standards. New PM application fields are also being developed.

The access to up-to-date technical information and the open dialog with our European colleagues give us an excellent chance to increase the competitiveness of our products and to search for new perspective products and technology which, in its turn, opens a door to new markets.

Сертификат членства в ERMA

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